NCSSFL-ACTFL Global Can-Do Benchmarks

The NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements are self-assessment checklists used by language learners to assess what they “can do” with language in the Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational modes of communication. These modes of communication are defined in the National Standards for 21st Century Language Learning and organized in the checklist into the following categories:
    • Interpersonal (Person-to-Person) Communication
    • Presentational Speaking (Spoken Production)
    • Presentational Writing (Written Production)
    • Interpretive Listening
    • Interpretive Reading
Click within each cell to display the benchmark and the associated Can Do Statement PDF. Or, click on a Level/Mode row or column to expand the entire level or mode.

View the complete Can Do Statements.

NCSSFL-ACTFL can-do benchmarks.png