TSD WL Grades 7-12 Rubrics -with convertor

Scroll down the page for the reformatted individual level rubrics grades 7-12

Interpersonal Rubrics that go with interpersonal speaking an writing assessments and activities. Interpersonal activities are spontaneous, not rehearsed.

Interpersonal Speaking:

Interpersonal Writing:

Presentational Rubrics that go with presentational speaking and writing assessments and activities. Presentational assessments and activities are rehearsed and prepared.

Presentational Speaking:

Presentational Writing:

Interpretive Rubric that goes for all reading and listening activities at all levels.

Interpretive Reading and Listening:

Conversion Chart-grades 9-12. In order to interpret the score you will need this convertor

Elementary Spanish-2nd grade presentational rubric

Elementary Spanish-4th grade interpersonal rubric

Elementary Spanish-5th grade Interpretive rubric

Grade 6 Interpersonal Speaking rubric

Here is a printable reformatted version of the Grades 7-12 rubrics so you can run them off back to back:

Interpersonal Speaking

Interpersonal Writing

Presentational Speaking

Presentational Writing

Special rubrics

Standards-based grading

TSD SBI 7-12 Rubrics starting 2016-New-for those using 1-4

TSD SBI Rubrics 2016

TSD New SBI 2016 Rubrics-current rubrics-no convertor

MYP Rubrics-How they match

Criterion A- Interpretive listening

Criterion B- Interpretive reading

Criterion C- Interpersonal speaking and writing

Criterion D- Presentational speaking and writing