2011-2012 District Meetings

TSD WL District Meeting: Sept. 28: here are the new documents we are using.

2010-2011-Building new rubrics with the 3 modes

New Presentational Rubrics 2011:

New Interpersonal Rubrics 2011:
Conversion chart 2011:

What can our learners do?

Special Task force with ESS (special ed)-Oct. 25
How do we assure access and equity in wl classes for all students?
Representatives from each high school as well Sharla R from Reed met with a group of Spec. ed teachers and counselors and one instructional coach. All learned about the WL curriculum, learner targets and new rubrics. All learned about special ed terminology in order to clarify IEP's etc. We then had time to discuss strategies and develop several strategies. WL teachers will learn more at the Feb. 1 district meeting.
See resources and ideas at this wiki: Loveland WL and Special Ed

TSD WL District Meeting: Dec. 7, 2011

1. Brief update on:
a. Standards and our current documents
b. New rubrics
c. Special Ed Taskforce-next steps-Feb. 1st District meeting (Joan Fiene and Sharla Riott will lead this)
d. What's new-ACTFL update, including recognition of Diane Lauer and Judy Skupa.

2. Important information to advance World Languages Learning in TSD:
a. ACTFL 21st century skills map link
b. Correlation of National Language Arts common core standards (being created by ACTFL-in final stages) Give feedback if you want.
c. Teacher Effectiveness-Colorado Senate Bill 191 and World Languages Teacher Effectiveness Initiatives in the USA.
(the TELL Project Teacher Effectiveness Project)

3. Assessments: Examining examples from around the country:
4. Let's try to create some of our own.
5. Summer credit tasks
6. German Novice-mid Interpersonal Assessment:
7. Spanish Interpersonal example from Kelley (
8. ACTFL Proficiency guidelines updated 2012:

TSD WL District Meeting : Feb. 1: Wikispace link for Loveland WL-SPED task force (please join)
How do we assure access and equity in WL classes for all students? What can we do as WL teachers?

Here are the notes from table discussions from Feb 1 about world languages and spec ed.

  1. Today Joan Fiene (BHS) and Sharla Riott (BRMS) will lead us through a learning session on aspects of special ed. There will be time for teachers to brainstorm some strategies. Dennis Rastatter, TSD Director of Exceptional Student Services will also share his thoughts.
  2. Introductions and Updates
  3. Planning for the summer
  4. District exam data 2011

TSD WL District Meeting : May 2:

Here is the world language district meeting info
1:45-LHS room 103
  1. Rubrics-How did the new ones work this year? Changes/ revisions
  2. Assessments-where are we heading?