TSD WL District PLD 2015-2016

Here is what World Languages is doing for the district PD May 3, 2016: 8:00 am-3:00 pm Erwin Middle School Library

Location: Erwin Middle School Library at 8am-3:00 pm

  1. (If we do a 30 min lunch we could leave at 2:20. What do you think?)
  2. Bring your lunch.
  3. Bring your computer.

Interpersonal template:


  1. Check in and today's goals
  2. Information and announcements
  3. Requested summer teams sign up on this page. See below.
  4. Updates for assessment dates.
  5. Write interpersonal speaking assessments for levels Grade 6-Level 3 using template. Divide up into languages and levels. (Performance assessment video.) (Check out what you have already written.)
  6. Writing assessments-some had asked to do some updates.
  7. Interpretive reading template and interpretive reading rubric-review.
  8. Create interpretive reading assessments in groups for practice for next year.
  9. Ideas for activities to share for the movement into the district's standards-based scoring template. What so we already have and how can we share?
  10. Glance at a performance descriptor mini rubric.
  11. Closure


  1. Finalize dates district assessments-2016-2017-presentational writing and interpersonal speaking.
  2. Write interpersonal speaking prompts using template for Grade 6-Level 3.
  3. Make any changes to district writing prompts.
  4. Review interpretive reading template and interpretive rubric.
  5. Write an interpretive reading sample using the template with an authentic source such as article, infographic, map, ad, etc. Remember to add URL address to document.
  6. Standards-based instruction and scoring-using the district template scoring system-planning for next year.

Resources for Review

Performance assessments at a glance-Tell Project
Using the three modes in instruction and assessment video-Tell Project
Empowering Student to Use the Target Language - Classroom Vignette-Tell project
Using sentence starters and sentence frames
Empowering students to use the target language-Growth Mindset-Tell Project

Your resources:Prompts you have created in the three modes since 2010.

(These prompts that you all wrote will help you create your prompts for our performance assessments.)
TSD WL Performance assessment samples and pilots
  1. Interpersonal speaking
  2. Interpersonal writing
  3. Interpretive reading
  4. Interpretive listening
  5. Presentational speaking
  6. Presentational writing
  7. Tiers 1, 2 3 pilots

Interpersonal Speaking Assessment Template and checklist

Our Presentational Writing Assessments Updates-in Google folder

Download, revise, send new copy with new date at the bottom-May 2016 to Toni
  1. French PW assessments
  2. German PW assessments
  3. Spanish PW assessments

TSD District WL Norming Tips documents

Assessments used for proficiency. Explore them. There are some basic demos. Most are adaptive.
  1. AAPPL: Assessment for performance towards performance
  2. Language Testing International
  3. OPI-Oral Proficiency Interview
  4. WPT-Writing Proficiency Test

Seal of Biliteracy information

Interpretive Reading Assessment Template and Samples

Interpretive Reading Assessment Template and Samples

Interpretive Reading Rubric to match template

Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment: Bonnie Adair-Hauck, Eileen W. Glisan, Francis J. Troyan

Summer World Languages Course Opportunities-TIC Credit-sign up here

  1. Register at Coursewhere:
  2. https://www.solutionwhere.com/tsdopd/cw/Pro_regLogon.asp?action=logon
  3. Search by Instructor: Theisen. Remember to look at dates to get the correct course
  4. These courses are by your choice and not required.
  5. Courses

  • Course 1: May 31-June 1-French 3 and Spanish 4-Loveland High School C7- 8 am - 4 pm-Bring lunch-Bring computer-TIC credit
Spanish 4
You will work to create a pilot district writing assessment for educator effectiveness. You will have have some time to develop activities in the three modes to support collaboration and have a bank of resources. You will have time to share activities, as well as discuss the units and strategies for Spanish 4 in preparation for Spanish 5.
French 3
You will continue work on the curriculum documents for French 3. You will also explore common assignments and some more common assessments in order to strengthen our courses. You will have time to share activities, as well as discuss the units and strategies for French 3 in preparation for French 4 and French 5.
  • Course 2-June 2-3-Thompson Valley High School-World Language rooms-8 am-4pm-Bring lunch-Bring computer-TIC credit
Available to All 6-12 World Languages teachers-Thompson Valley High School-8 am-3 pm- World Language Rooms-Bring lunch-Bring computer
You will be working on building resources that we can share. You will design some activities around the three modes. You will also work on a mini rubric or a series of mini rubrics for our mini tasks in the three modes for standards-based scoring using the district temple. You will research feedback forms designed for use with proficiency-based WL programs. You will also create some feedback forms to help our students advance their learning in world languages and help them move across the proficiency continuum.

You will have also some time to create some common assignments and some common assessment, as well as share some of the great activities you have designed so we can have a bank of resources. Spanish teachers will also work with Monica to put these activities, etc, in the Resource Bank she has created in Schoology. This course will also give us some time to work together as levels and languages across the district.

Here is what World Languages is doing for the district PD April 18, 2016: 8:00 am-9:45 am LHS-Room C7

Location: LHS Room C7 at 8am -9:45 am

  1. Greetings and Check-in
  2. Requested Volunteer Summer work For TIC credit only-sign up
  3. All assessments we created on TSD Test site and organized-to be used to help write the Interpersonal speaking assessment for next year.
  4. Choose date for interpersonal speaking assessment for 6-12 for 2016-2017-Tier 2
  5. Choose date for Interpretive Reading assessment for 2017-2018-More practice for 2016-2017-Tier 3
  6. Choose date for Grade 5 2016-2017 Interpretive Reading assessment.
  7. Divide into language and level groups for topic and unit discussion for Interpersonal speaking assessment (Tier 2)
  8. Start to make decisions of topics for writing interpersonal speaking assessment.
  9. Discussion on Standards-based instruction questions. Monica answers some of your questions from her research.


Answers to some of your questions from the SBI workshop. (Monica asked colleagues in her building who are using it now.)

District WL assessment plan for EE 2015-2016 and beyond

CDE WL EE assessment position statement-2014

Past district meetings and summer work

Summer work


Interpretive Reading Template
Interpretive Reading Rubric

What can our learners do at different proficiency levels? (2012)

Here are what the World Languages Elementary group and Dual Language Immersion groups are doing for the district PLD Jan 4, 2016: 8:00 am- 9:45 am at Truscott Elementary in the Dual Language Immersion classroom.

Location:Truscott Elementary in the Dual Language Immersion classroom-8am -9:45 am

Here is the information for the World Languages group for the Jan 4 inservice:

TSD Elementary World Language FLES program-Teachers will review learner targets, decide on next steps for the thematic units and prepare for the district assessments in Feb.

TSD Dual Language Program:Teachers will examine the World Language standards in order to apply them to design curriculum. Teachers will also review and revise proficiency reports for the Feb. conferences.

  1. Check-in
  2. Review agenda and the learning targets
  3. CCFLT
  4. Review district assessment plan for this year and the future.
  5. Divide into language and level groups to review assessments and also review and create scaffolding strategies to help learners be more successful.
  6. Start to create a bank of interpersonal speaking assessments for practice this year.

Targets for 6-12 PLD
  1. I can identify assessments in the three modes.
  2. I can identify the district writing assessment that we will use for EE.
  3. I can explain how to record assessment in IlluminateEd.
  4. I can build successful activities and assessments aligned with the standards with a scaffolding process.
  5. I can use our norming charts to guide me when evaluating a performance assessment.

TSD Test Wikispace-where we store our assessments.

This is a protected Wikispace. You must be a World Languages teacher in the Thompson School District to join this Wiki. Ask to join this space but you must identify yourself as a TSD WL teacher. Include your name, building and classes you are teaching. Please join Wikispaces also if you are not a member. Questions:Ask your dept. chair. For elementary teachers and Middle Schools teachers, if you have problems with signing up, contact me and I will come and help you.

Language and Grade
Testing window (last date is the final due date)
Spanish Grade 2
Presentational Speaking
Feb. 1-Mar. 4
Spanish Grade 4
Interpersonal Speaking
Feb. 1-Mar. 4
Spanish 1-A (7th grade)
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
Spanish 1-B (8th grade)
Use the Sp. 1 prompts
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
Spanish I
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
Spanish II
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
Spanish III
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
French 1-A (7th grade)
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
French 1-B (8th grade)

Use the Fr. 1 prompts
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
French I
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
French II
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
French III
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
German I
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
German II
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21
German III
Presentational Writing
Feb. 22-Mar. 21

  • Teachers will assess each student in that level using the appropriate district rubric. http://tsdwlstandards.wikispaces.com/TSD+new+district+rubrics
  • Teachers will use the appropriate level writing template
  • You will then take the score and use the conversion table. You will use a score of 1-4. (not percentages) according to the score in the conversion chart.
  • You will enter a 1-4 only once in the correct Illuminate spot.
  • Each teacher will collect one high, one medium, one low example for each level (before marking it up). Teacher will give these copies to department chair, middle school to Sharla. These copies will be sent to me as PDF files for each language for a district file.
  • Teachers are to keep the all the district writing assessments for three years.
  • We will not enter pilot assessments this year, but we will practice with the pilots we have and new pilot we design for the interpersonal speaking mode with a random partner for this year.
  • The interpersonal speaking assessment will then become an official assessment the following year (2016-2017).
  • We will then following the same procedure for the interpretive reading assessment in the upcoming year of 2017-2018.

TSD Norming charts to guide teachers when grading the interpersonal and presentational assessments.

CDE Position Statement on WL assessments (performance in the3 modes): CDE Position Statement.World Languages.