AB Initio Guide 2015

Each language ab initio course has its own language-specific syllabus. The three common elements in each language-specific syllabus are:
  • vocabulary lists under topic headings
  • a list of prescribed grammar
  • a list of the instructions for the written examination papers.

The language ab initio syllabus comprises three interconnected areas: language, themes and texts. Language acquisition will be achieved through the development of receptive, productive and interactive skills and competencies. Elements of language include vocabulary, grammatical structures, register, pronunciation and intonation. The three themes (individual and society, leisure and work, urban and rural environment) are made up of a series of 20 topics. These serve as the foundation for the acquisition of the language and the study of different text types. During the course, students must be taught to understand and produce a variety of texts. In the context of the language ab initio course, a text can be spoken, written or visual.

Past Exams

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