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Developed by educators with expertise in AP world languages and cultures instructional design, the following suite of interactive online modules is intended to provide you with strategies, resources, and activities that aid in teaching AP world language and culture courses. They also help build students’ competencies in the courses leading up to the AP experience. Please see below for descriptions and links to individual modules.

Narrated by master AP Spanish Language and Culture teacher Ken Stewart, this module explores strategies for aligning and articulating all levels of instruction to build an effective and cohesive world language program. Topics presented include: designing Essential Questions; spiraling language skill development and content across levels; setting appropriate proficiency targets; planning instruction that will lead to enhanced student performance; and how to achieve success on the AP world language and culture exams.

Narrated by master AP French Language and Culture teacher Ed Weiss, this module explores strategies for identifying the types of listening materials best suited for student interaction and aligning those to assessments that require students to infer, as well as select main ideas; teaching using a model audio resource; and scaffolding resources for various language levels.

Narrated by master AP Spanish Language and Culture teacher Lou Baskinger, this module explores strategies for evaluating and selecting appropriate print and visual authentic resources; integrating authentic text resources throughout a student’s course of study; supporting student learning by integrating activities that occur before, during, and after reading; and increasing student proficiency in reading by going beyond comprehension questions.
Online modules for world languages are being posted on a rolling basis as they become available. There are ten total planned for this suite; others will become accessible during fall 2015 and early winter 2016. We will notify world language teachers as modules are posted.

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