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Summary of Diane Lauer's presentation to WL teachers 4/28/10

World Languages in TSD-the plan
Summary of Diane Lauer’s Presentation to WL Teachers 4/28/10

1. All TSD curricula will be aligned with the 2010 Colorado Academic Standards in all content areas.
2. All teachers are responsible to align instruction with the TSD curriculum framework for each content area. The TSD curriculum framework is the official curriculum.
3. Use your current framework templates concept until the time the TSD makes decisions about changing district wide. Elaborate if necessary.
4. World Languages Middle School through High School Curriculum-current info
a. 2010-2011-Year 1 implementation plan
· semester of language-Level 1A (Walt Clark has decided to do a full year)
· schools chose from French/Spanish
· All schools chose Spanish his year except Con Ball that has added French
· Erwin remains the same as 2009-2010
b. 2011-2012-Year 2 implementation plan
· 6th grade-one quarter each of French and Spanish
· semester of language-Level 1A (French and Spanish) (Walt Clark has decided to do a full year)-7th grade
· full year of language-Level 1B Spanish (except currently Erwin that has a semester)-8th grade
· Reed is going to do 8th grade French all year and compact it to finish French I so students can go to French 2 the following year at high school
· some schools may also have one class of old intro for 8th graders
c. 2012-2013-Year 3 implementation plan
· Students in Level 1 A and 1B Spanish following the plan above move to high school level 2
· Reed French students attempt Level 2 French at high school after one year everyday.
d. Level V will be AP/ IB or other college credit such as CU Gold. For most schools the first group will be in 2015-2016. TVHS will have first AP Spanish test in 2011/2012 due to scheduling they created to add 1.5 for two years. That will end with the changes coming to whole district. LHS will have first group in 2012-2013 because of Erwin starting two years ago.
e. Changes could occur depending on many scenarios.

Unpacking the standards:

Unpacking Standards - Graphic Organizer - Unpacking the Standards.do
Diane Lauer's unpacking the standards video-part 1

Diane Lauer's unpacking the standards video-part 2

Diane Lauer's unpacking the standards video-part 3

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